Hi there,

Welcome! Glad you found me!

As you probably saw, this website is about live photography. I love photographing everything. It started when I was a kid. When I was old enough to go to concerts by myself I discovered that the combination of concerts and photography was a perfect match for me! I still love to shoot many different things but it’s mostly live photography. Other things I’ve captured you can see at the “other photography” part of the website, but mostly this site is about the concerts. You can find me at rock/metal concerts most of the time.

I’m also a photographer at a venue in my hometown.

I have an Instagram and a Facebook account where you can follow me and keep up to date with my work!

Besides photography I work as a Sales- and Service Specialist at a (mostly) electronics store.
I like gadgets, movies, TV series and some games.



  Photo by Julien Renaud